The lead generation machine-Unbounce

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March 12, 2014

The lead generation machine-Unbounce

Unbounce is the world’s leading landing page and conversion platform. Unbounce helps your clients improve their post-click ad conversion rates and launch more campaigns, faster. By eliminating the need to rely on developers, it empowers them to build and optimize custom landing pages, popups, and sticky bars that convert more visitors.

What’s the difference between landing pages, popups, and sticky bars? Landing Pages Landing pages are pages tailored to a campaign, with a single call to action. Sending visitors to a landing page that is customized to an ad creates a more compelling experience that’s far more likely to convert. Better yet, it improves your Google Ads Quality Scores, lowering your cost per click to make ad budgets go further. With Unbounce, anyone can easily create custom pages that look great and convert more. … .

Build. Convert. Optimize.

Convert more of your paid and website traffic with custom landing pages, targeted popups, and sticky bars.

“We were able to test our way all the way up to 20-22% conversion rates.
Without driving any more traffic, the client’s getting four times the leads
that he was getting prior. We enjoy using Unbounce because it’s helped
us answer our clients needs faster and better.”
Andrew Miller, Unbounce Partner and Founder of Workshop Digital



Popups are targeted offers triggered by an action a visitor makes on a page. It’s super simple to install popups on any landing page or web page (not just Unbounce pages). They can be targeted by time on page, referral URL, cookie, and/or location to deliver more relevant offers that are tailored to a visitor’s journey. A library of templates, all 100% customizable, makes designing popups as simple as setting them up.

Sticky Bars

Sticky bars are a Google-friendly, mobile-optimized way to capture even more conversions. They appear as banners at the top or bottom of any web page for a subtle but prominent display of your call to action. Like popups, they can be triggered by a range of actions to get in front of your visitors’ eyeballs when they’re most likely to convert.

Core Benefits

Get more leads, signups, and sales without increasing your ad spend Directing your paid ads to landing pages customized to a campaign creates a more persuasive experience resulting in higher conversions and saved ad dollars. When you’ve optimized your ads and aren’t seeing any more gains, landing pages and targeted popups give you an edge.

Launch more campaigns, faster, without the need for developers Unbounce’s drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to build, test, and optimize custom landing pages, popups, and sticky bars for any campaign—no coding required. A library of 100+ high-converting templates is available for turnkey design, plus more advanced features for total creative freedom and granular optimization. The builder is designed to meet all skill levels and scale to any business’s needs, from starter to enterprise.

Create targeted, contextual campaigns that seize every opportunity to convert

Every element of your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars can be customized to your brand, ad, and call to action. Use features like Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) and advanced targeting to create personalized and optimized campaigns.

Manage clients with ease in a platform designed to scale with your business

Client accounts and sub accounts make it easy for your clients to keep campaigns organized, copy and paste designs between accounts, and collaborate with team members as their business grows.

A conversion platform for the most crucial step of the visitor’s journey Conversions happen after the click. Unbounce provides a suite of tools and integrations designed to help marketers convert more traffic after visitors land on the page.

More flexibility and creative control than any other platform

Unbounce’s drag-and-drop builder gives marketers total creative control to design almost any landing page, popup, or sticky bar they can imagine. More advanced users are free to power up their work with custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Easily integrate with the marketing tools you already use

Marketers can instantly connect to over 60 apps within Unbounce. And thanks to a direct integration with Zapier, another 900 more— without ever leaving the platform. They can also quickly connect to Google Analytics or embed tracking pixels and scripts across pages with Script Manager.

Superb customer support included on all plans

Unbounce’s support team is dedicated to making sure our customers are successful, with a Net Promoter Score consistently above 80. And it’s the only conversion platorm to offer you live chat, email, and phone support on every plan across the world in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. “Unbounce is really easy to learn and allows you to build beautiful landing pages without any trouble. I’ve also had fantastic experiences with their support team when I’ve had to set up integrations and had questions! They are attentive and friendly.” G2Crowd Reviewer

Competitive Differentiators

Vs. Instapage and Leadpages

Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages have some similarities but many differences. Here are a few reasons why marketers often find greater value in using Unbounce.

Flexibility and Customization

Unbounce is far more flexible and supports more creative freedom than any other platform. Users can match any brand guidelines using the drag-anddrop builder and add custom scripts for further fine-tuning. The best way to experience this is by using the Unbounce Builder Preview.

Popups and Sticky Bars

Marketers can use popups and sticky bars on any web page (not just Unbounce pages) and target specific user segments.

Mobile Builder

Unbounce allows marketers to fully customize their mobile landing page experience, which can be completely different from their desktop experience.

Speed Boost

With minified JavaScript resources, optimized CSS delivery, leveraged browser caching, prioritized visible content, and more to give every page the speed it needs to convert.

Testing and Analytics

Unlike competitors, Unbounce offers every customer on every plan the ability to use A/B testing and integrate with Google Analytics.

Vs. Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing automation (MA) platforms such as HubSpot and Marketo often include landing page builders. While marketing automation is the primary strength of these platforms, landing pages are the primary strength of Unbounce. Unbounce’s landing page builder is far more advanced and easier to use than those found in these tools. Of course, Unbounce includes native integrations with tools like HubSpot, Marketo, and Infusionsoft, making it the perfect complement to their MA functionality.

Vs. In-House Development

In-house landing page creation can be costly and time-consuming. There can be many roadblocks, including talent gaps and development. With Unbounce, any member of a marketing team or digital agency can create customized landing pages, regardless of their technical skills. There’s less waiting for developers and designers, and more publishing, optimizing, and—what really matters—converting.

Common Questions

Can I publish Unbounce landing pages to my own domain? And how?

Yes, you can publish Unbounce landing pages to any domain you have access to. Basically, there are two ways to do it: For domains where the existing site is built in WordPress, follow these instructions. You’ll be using our WordPress integration and publishing directly to your client’s primary domain (e.g. For domains where the existing site is built in anything else, follow these instructions. You’ll be creating a CNAME record, and publishing to a subdomain (e.g.

Which tools does Unbounce integrate with?

Unbounce integrates with almost anything. The platform has 60 native integrations, an open API, and a built-in Zapier integration that allows it to be connected to hundreds of different tools. Here are full details on the Unbounce integrations ecosystem.

How much does Unbounce cost? Is there a trial period?

Unbounce is billed as a monthly or annual subscription, with plans beginning at $79 per month. As a bonus to all the readers get an additional 20% off their first 3 paid months as a discount. Most plans include a free 30-day trial and are available with a credit card or PayPal. Customers are free to cancel anytime and can do so during their trial period without being charged a cent. For full details, visit


Everything in your marketing stack has to work together, so Unbounce supports hundreds of integrations to streamline your workflow.

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